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  • Carine Derviaux Carine Derviaux
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    I joined the ISCB group in September 2012 as an engineer specializing in HTRF. I am involved in many projects aiming at characterizing and inhibiting protein-protein interactions. To characterize these interactions, various biochemical & biophysics technic are used: HTRF, ITC, NMR, Xray.
    I express, produce and purify different proteins and proteins scaffold domains (SH3, PDZ, bromodomain) ... I prepare them for these biophysical experiments and thanks to my previous work experience at CISBIO bioassay, I manage the optimization and screening for small molecules inhibitors of these protein-protein interactions using HTRF technology.

    Professionnal Skills

    Biochemistry: bacteria transformation, expression in E. coli, protein purification (affinity chromatography, size exclusion, ions exchange, FPLC Akta® prime and pure systems), labelling of protein for NMR (15N, 13C), protein analysis (electrophoresis, western blot), interaction protein-protein with HTRF, BRET, pull down, coIP.

    Molecular biology: DNA purification, Gateway® cloning technology.

    Cell biology: Cell culture (adherent cells : Hek293, HekT, CHO, MDAMB231 and primary cells).Transient or stable transfection of plasmid, siRNA and antisens oligonucleotides.

    Biophysic : "Dynamics Light Scattering" (DLS), "IsothermalTitration Calorimetry" (ITC) and "Differential Scanning FLuorometry" (DSF), RMN, XRay.

    Software : GraphPad Prism, ImageJ, PyMOL, Expasy Toolkit, Blast,Microsoft Office.