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I joined the Laboratory of integrative Structural & Chemical Biology in september 2014 as an expert in protein crystallography. My main project aims to elucidate the structural aspects of the human dexycytidine kinase regulation.


8. The Bacterial Vanadium Iodoperoxidase from the Marine Flavobacteriaceae Zobellia galactanivorans Reveals Novel Molecular and Evolutionary Features of Halide Specificity in this Enzyme Family. JB. Fournier, E. Rebuffet, L. Delage, R. Grijol, L. Meslet-Cladière, J. Rzonca, P. Potin, G. Michel, M. Czjzek, C. Leblanc. Appl Environ Microbiol. Accepted.

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I am contributor about the glycoside hydrolases family GH82 and GH115 on the Cazypedia web site (