Helene Launay
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Current Project

Conformational diversity of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) enables numerous protein-protein interactions that regulate the cell cycle. The molecular details on this conformational diversity is getting better understood, but how the conformational sampling regulates, or is regulated by, protein-protein interaction is of particular interest. I am combining experimental information on conformational sampling from both NMR and SAXS experiments to gain molecular details on protein-protein interactions involving IDPs.

Previous Work

Structural studies of the hepatitis C RNA polymerase NS5B in solution: protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions essential for viral RNA replication and conformational diversity of the RNA-polymerase.
UGSF-UMR 8576, Universite de Lille 1-CNRS

Co-translational folding of intact ribosome-bound nascent chain during protein synthesis.
ISMB, University College of London


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