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  • Yves Collette

    Directeur de recherche (DR2) INSERM
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    The Chemistry-Biology interface is increasingly being considered with interest in the advancement of biological sciences, not only at the level of fundamental comprehension, but also for diverse applications, including medicine. Conversely, biology and the challenges it raises for instrumentation, calculation and modelisation, have largely motivated innovation in chemistry.
    My current interest deals with the pharmacology of signalling in tumour cells by mean of chemical-biology approaches, with the following specific aims :

    1) to study and manipulate biological systems,
    2) to identify therapeutic targets,
    3) to decipher the mechanism of action of known drug inhibitors acting on these targets
    4) to identify relevant biomarkers, potentially associated with drug effects at the clinical level,
    5) to create new compounds for optimized therapeutic strategies.

    These research activities are backed by the TrGET preclinical platform which is specializing in the implementation and development of either in vitro and in vivo assay to assess the involvement of a target gene in tumorigenesis or the biological activity of antitumor compounds with therapeutic potential.

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